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Make Your Sensitivity Work for You

Author(s): Alice Jane Muir

ISBN13: 9780859699730

ISBN10: 0859699730

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • Too sensitive for your own good? If youve heard this before, Make Your Sensitivity Work for You could be the book you need. Although there are many advantages to being a sensitive type, such as increased empathy, imagination and understanding of people, oversensitive people often have a hard time of it. They may be easily hurt, unable to say no and more prone to anxiety than average. Chartered psychologist and stress expert Alice Muir looks at how sensitive people can accept themselves on their own terms. She also shows how they can make sensitivity work for them. Topics covered include:

    regaining a sense of control
    confidence-boosting tips for the very sensitive
    coping with stimulus , the sensitive person may need far less than average
    mood swings, and how to handle them
    the importance of time alone
    relaxation and meditation
    techniques, plus other physical and mental
    anxiety, depression and obsessive status

    In a gentle approachable way, Alice Muir gives helpful advice on how highly sensitive people can boost self-esteem and confidence and live life to the full.

  • Alice Jane Muir

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Make Your Sensitivity Work for You

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