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Autobiography of Mary McAleese in Irish

ISBN13: 9781902420561

ISBN10: 190242056X

Publisher: AIS

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  • Maire Mhic Ghiolla Iosa: Beathaisneis" charts the journey of Mary McAleese on her pilgrimage from Ardoyne to the Phoenix Park. Authorised by the President, it includes excerpts from private diaries and papers from before her Presidency, and interviews with members of her family, colleagues and acquaintances. Mary McAleese chose Building Bridges as the slogan of her Presidential campaign, and determined that if elected she would strive to provide a sense of inclusiveness in society to those who felt marginalised, and for reconciliation between societies who had been split asunder, most particularly due to sectarianism. It is no surprise that she would have chosen such a theme, as it reflects much of her lifes work, and the unique life experience that she brings to the office. Born in Ardoyne in Belfast, she had first hand experience of life in Northern Ireland at its most violent. Her family suffered attacks, and murder attempts, as did many friends. The book recounts all the horror and joy of her childhood and adolescence, her first encounter with Martin McAleese, and indeed his friend who was first to take her eye. It paints a portrait for us of her student days, and her budding activism. It follows her professional career - her time at Trinity College as a Reid Professor of Criminal Law, the difficult time she spent at RTE during the H-Block hunger strikes, the great achievement of becoming Director of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies, and subsequently the first female Pro-Vice Chancellor at the Queens University of Belfast. Her political career also comes under the spotlight, her election campaign as a Fianna Fail candidate in Dublin, her dealings with Charles Haughey, her Presidential campaign and the final victory.
  • Maire Mhic Giolla Iosa

    Ray Mac Manais

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