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Lumen Christi: The Stained Glass Windows of Mount St Joseph Abbey

Author(s): Laurence Walsh Ocso

ISBN13: 9781900163033

ISBN10: 1900163039

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • A native of Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, monk and author Dom Laurence Walsh has been contemplating the stained glass windows of Mount Saint Joseph Abbey for over sixty years. Here he presents the fruit of several years research into the history of the windows, shares stories of the saints lives and missions, and allows us a glimpse into his personal reflections on the impact of these "books of golden instruction."

    Lumen Christi chronicles the stained glass windows in the abbey church, infirmary oratories and college chapel. It is a riveting journey situated in the context of external events and circumstances, from the pre-monastic origins of Mountheaton in Co. Offaly (once part of the Ely OCarroll territory) to the modern monastic campus of monastery, guesthouses, college and farmyard.

    At the heart of Mount Saint Joseph is the abbey church. The foundation stone of this imposing edifice was laid in 1879, it was dedicated and opened for worship in 1881 and solemnly consecrated in 1884.
    The monks who came to Mountheaton in 1878 were 1rappist or Cistercian monks, followers of the Rule of St Benedict, and known for their strict and austere lifestyle. Somewhat surprisingly we find that the monks set about installing stained glass depicting saints and biblical scenes into windows of their newly built church. In fact these windows were planned from the outset and formed an integral part of the design of the structure.

    This attractive volume, records in words and pictures the story and history of these remarkable stained glass windows and their inspirers, designers, fabricators and donors. The lavish colour photographs of the windows are complemented by illustrations from the Abbeys extensive collection of books, missals, paintings and historical documents.

    Lumen Ghristi is essential reading for anyone with an interest in spirituality, Irish history and the craft of stained glass fabricators Earley & Powells,

  • Laurence Walsh Ocso

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Lumen Christi: The Stained Glass Windows of Mount St Joseph Abbey

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