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ISBN13: 9780802851710

ISBN10: 0802851711

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • A retelling of Bible stories illustrating Gods relationship with his people through the history of Israel, the ministry of Jesus, and the early church.
  • Anne Elizabeth Stickney

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    This large, handsome, clearly written collection of Bible stories, very freely retold, is suitable for Christian schools, church libraries, Sunday schools, and family usage. The theme is "Gods relationship with his people," with a strong emphasis throughout on Christianity. Selections are included from the accounts of Creation; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Noah; Abraham, Isaac, and Sarah; Joseph; Moses and the Ten Commandments; Samuel; David and Saul; Elijah; and Isaiah. About half of the selections are devoted to the New Testament: the life of Jesus, including John the Baptist, the Disciples, the Lords Prayer, the prodigal son, and the miracle at the Siloam pool; Pentecost; Paul; Dorcas; and the early church. Using her personal opinions, the author chooses only the portions of the Bible stories that highlight her purpose of showing the many ways in which God has shown and is showing himself to individuals and transforming their lives. Each section has an introduction relating to readers everyday lives, Scriptural citations, thought questions, and prayer suggestions, and is illustrated by an attractive quarter-page watercolor in a folk-art style, as well as title decorations.

    - Patricia Pearl Dole, formerly at First Presbyterian School, Martinsville, VA. School Library Journal

    Stickney retells the Bible, focusing the stories through the prism of Gods relationship with his people. Beginning with Genesis and moving through Acts, She presents both Old and New Testament stories from a Christian perspective. Each story ends with an addenum, "Meeting God," that contains a pertinent Bible verse, some questions to discuss ("What do you think the world would be like if there was no sin in it?"), and a short prayer ("Even though we no longer live in a perfect world, God has promised never to leave us. . . . Thank God for being with you today." The retellings are simple and comforting, and Stickney adds her own interpretations to the originals to make them more understandable to young people. For instance, in her version of the story of Cain and Abel, God does not accept Cains offering because Cain kept the best part of his harvest for himselfan extrapolation from the original. Very attractive watercolors by Helen Cann add to the books appeal; the interesting questions expand its value.

    - Ilene Cooper, Booklist



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