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Lovesongs and Reproaches

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9780281063598

ISBN10: 0281063591

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • An extended conversation with God that ranges from complaint to joy, anger to love. Drawing upon a lifetime of such dialogues, Bill Countryman grapples with the reality of evil and loss, as well as hope and the possibility of fulfilment.

    Lovesongs and Reproaches takes liberties with the scriptures in order to explore them with new seriousness, and argues with both God and the biblical text in the process. The authors lyrical style owes much to the poetry of the Psalms, Job and the Song of Solomon, but moves freely in the realm of ordinary spoken English.
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    `Love poems always reveal as much about the lover as they do about the beloved. Certainly, in this deeply passionate, brilliantly phrased suite of poems, everyone who ever loved the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will discover himself or herself. For me, however, there is more than that in this shining collection: these fifty poems are as complete and satisfying a record as I have yet read of my own love affair with [God].

    - Phyllis Tickle

    `Bill Countryman has woven a tapestry in which poetry and theology and story-telling, celebration and lament flow together seemingly effortlessly ... with words that energize, and arresting images that will resonate like lectio in the heart and mind.

    - Esther de Waal

    `Bill Countryman shows us yet again ... that serious, first-level theological utterance requires poetic force with all its elusive, confrontive power.

    - Walter Brueggemann


Lovesongs and Reproaches

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