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The Saint and the Seeker

Author(s): Christina Stevens

ISBN13: 9781781802090

ISBN10: 1781802092

Publisher: Hay House UK (10 Sep 2014)

Extent: 352 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 15.2 x 2.6 x 22.8 cm

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  • 'God will write through you.' Those were some of the last words Mother Teresa had spoken to filmmaker Christina Stevens - urging her to share her story with the world.

    A similar calling had come months earlier, when Mother Teresa appeared to Christina in a vision, summoning her to India to film the Saint-to-be's message to the world. Without hesitation, she gathered a film crew and boarded a plane to India. It was a widely known fact that Mother Teresa did not like cameras and refused interviews, but trusting her intuition, Christina embarked on a life-changing journey that led her to unexpected places and profound discoveries. As she reveals the shame and beauty pulsing in what was once referred to as the black hole of the world, Christina leads you to recognize your calling and discover your own path to love - just as she did while facing death and life-beyond-death amid experiences of deep compassion and peace.


    Interspersed with Mother Teresa's most poignant words of wisdom, you will soon see that the power of love is everywhere around you.

  • Christina Stevens

      Christina Stevens is an award-winning filmmaker, author, public speaker, and global environmental activist. Her belief that storytelling is inspiration for social change puts her on the leading edge of a new wave of global thought, speaking regularly at the United Nations on topics ranging from expanding consciousness to youth empowerment to solutions for global sustainability and happiness. Recipient of the Venice Film Festival's coveted Gold Lion, numerous Clios, NY Art Directors' and International Broadcasting Awards, Christina presently serves on the Special Projects Committee of the Directors' Guild of America and on the Board of Directors of Ted Turner's Captain Planet Foundation.

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    This book inspired me.

     - Ted Turner, CNN founder, global visionary and philanthropist


    I'm not one for spiritual reading, but I found Christina's journey fascinating and believable. As a matter of fact, I'm astral travelling my way to the bookstore right now.

     - Chevy Chase


    A truly lovely and loving expression of life from a woman who is the absolute embodiment of her word. Thank you for being you, Christina.

     - Rosario Dawson, actress and social and environmental entrepreneur


    A fascinating and inspiring story told with great honesty and lucidity.

     - Duncan Campbell, correspondent for The Guardian, The Observer and The British Journalism Review


    It's riveting! I was going to say mind-blowing, but I think mind-expanding is more accurate.

     - Jayni Chase, founder of the Center for Environmental Education


    The words and the teachings of Mother Teresa have greatly impacted my life for many years. As a young girl, it was her teachings that awakened my spirit and later sparked my interest to become a nun. Mother Teresa... has profoundly influenced my spiritual foundation and is my philosophy for living. Like me, you have been led by the greatest gift of all - love. I can now add Love: The Saint and the Seeker as a contributing to me to my spiritual evolution and growth.

     - Chaka Khan



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