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Love in a Time of Broken Heart

Author(s): Benig Mauger

ISBN13: 9780954701215

ISBN10: 0954701216


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  • How do your love relationships reflect your spiritual journey? What is the Inner Marriage? How has your childhood influenced how you relate to an intimate partner? How can you heal your heartbreak?

    Love in a Time of Broken Heart answers these questions and more. In a time of fractured relationships and emotional isolation, loving another person can bring us to inner wholeness, and this book is about how we go about achieving this Inner Marriage, and what happens to us when love breaks down.

    Considering love as both a human and divine passion, the author explores how our love relationships reflect our inner drive to wholeness, and how a love wound is a sacred initiation with opportunities for soul growth. Explaining the connection between our early life experiences and our patterns in love relationships, and addressing with great compassion the emotional turmoil resulting from relationship breakdown, Love in a Time of Broken Heart-Healing From Within charts the inner journey to healing and wholeness after heartbreak.

    Through deep psychological and spiritual explorations of the inner and outer dynamics of adult love relationships, this book outlines what it means to be human and to seek love. Incorporating fresh insights drawn from the weaving of psychological and spiritual truths and using the power of myth to amplify our human journey, Love in a time of Broken Heart , Healing From Within, offers a unique perspective on love, relationships and the healing of love wounds.
  • Benig Mauger

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Love in a Time of Broken Heart

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