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Love In A Fearful Land: A Guatemalan Story

Author(s): Henri Nouwen

ISBN13: 9781570756429

ISBN10: 1570756422

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • Nouwens journey to a Mayan town in Guatemala where he hoped to learn more about the life and faith of Fr. Stanley Rother.

    This is Henri Nouwens personal account of a pilgrimage to Santiago Atitl?ín, a Mayan town in the highlands of Guatemala. It was there that an American priest, Father Stanley Rother, was murdered by a death squad in the parish where he served. In traveling to Santiago Nouwen hoped to learn more about this modern martyr, about the faith that drew him there, and the love that held him in place, even when his life was threatened.

    This richly illustrated edition appears on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Fr. Rothers death. In commemorating his witness, it also celebrates the truth that we are all, Christians of the North and the South, members of the same Body of Christ.

  • Henri Nouwen

    'Even though I often give in to the many fears and warnings of my world, I still believe deeply that our few years on this earth are part of a much longer event that stretches out far beyond the boundaries of our birth and death. I think of it as a mission into time, a mission that is very exhilarating and even exciting, mostly because the One who sent me on the mission is waiting for me to come home and tell the story of what I have learned.' - Henri Nouwen at the time of his death in 1996

    Henri Nouwen was one of the most popular spiritual writers in the world. Through more than fifty books he touched countless people with his compelling interpretation of Christian faith and the gospel. In part his impact came from his willingness to draw deeply on his own experience, inviting readers to share his joys, his anguish, and his spiritual journey. That journey led him from his home in Holland to America; from a series of prestigious academic posts to a Trappist monastery, to the poor of Latin America, and finally to Canada, where he found his final home in a L'Arche community devoted to the care of handicapped adults.

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Love In A Fearful Land: A Guatemalan Story

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