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Loaves, Fishes and Leftovers

Author(s): Ted Loder

ISBN13: 9780806651415

ISBN10: 0806651415

Publisher: Augsbury Fortress

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  • The questions pondered in this book reflect the deep faith concerns many people experience yet find muffled by the rituals of worship, the professional roles of clergy, or the presumptions of the church.

    This book grew from a group discussion about questions such as:Why is there evil in the world? Does my prayer affect Gods response? The story of Jesus feeding the multitude is an apt metaphor for the process the group went through: it starts with hungry people, uses the resources available, and ends with leftovers for further exploration.

    The book is an invitation to be honest about our deepest questions and to embrace the mysteries of faith rather than the comfort of certainties.

  • Ted Loder

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Loaves, Fishes and Leftovers

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