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Living With Loss and Grief

Author(s): Julia Tugendhat

ISBN13: 9780859699440

ISBN10: 0859699447

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • Grief always hurts. But, these days, there is a growing tendency to see grief as a necessary part of life, as a journey which leads to moving on. Grieving is nature?s way of helping us to cope with what has happened, and to deny loss is to is to deny its significance. With events such as the death of Princess Diana, 9/11, and the Madrid bombings, grief has come out into the open and is no longer viewed as solely private. Grief and loss come in many different forms, from the searing pain when a loved one dies, to the necessary mourning for lost dreams and changed ideals at different life stages. After loss, people cannot be as they were before, but they can adapt to the changed circumstances and go on from there. This book looks at ways of grieving and the factors which help the grieving process.
  • Julia Tugendhat

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Living With Loss and Grief

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