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Living the Lectionary, Year B

Author(s): Geoff Wood

ISBN13: 9781568545271

ISBN10: 1568545274


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  • Each Sunday we listen to Gods word proclaimed in the assembly. We ask ourselves, what does this mean for my life and for our world at this time? How is the biblical word, as Psalm 119 suggests, "a lamp to my feet and a light to my path"?

    Geoff Woods reflections on the Sunday readings make visible scriptures perennial applicability to human experience. Through reference to Western literature as well as his life experiences, he engages our imagination and helps us to see the wisdom of the biblical word shine forth. Homilists will find this resource invaluable as will catechists, youth ministers, and RCIA teams.

  • Geoff Wood

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    Adult faith formation leaders who know the power of stories will find Living the Lectionary an effective means of Lectionary catechesis. The Sunday readings are linked to poetry and prose, enriching both. Geoff Woods reflections are engaging, insightful, and will be read and pondered again and again.

    - Sister Kate Dooley, op, School of Theology and Religious Studies The Catholic University of America

    For many, literature is their lifes blood. Many, too, regularly hear, read, or teach the Bible. Often the two are not the same people. Geoff Wood belongs to the first group and in this book does an immense service for the second. He provides a better key to the scripture readings than many Lectionary aids.

    - Gerard S. Sloyan, professor emeritus of religion at Temple University

    This book is for everybody - for those who crave good images and good stories; for those who find their identity in Baptism and Eucharist and cannot imagine a life without the warmth of good worship; for those who need to laugh, especially at themselves; and, above all, for those who want to wrap themselves in the word, Sunday after Sunday.

    -Virginia Sloyan from the introduction to Living the Lectionary: Links to Life and Liturature, Year C

    Geoff Wood accomplishes the remarkable feat of addressing the mystery of God in terms of the absolutely mundane. His perceptive, nuanced observations of daily life, coupled with his extensive knowledge of literature and scripture, and his own deep spiritual nature, enable him to see the divine spark in our human affairs. I recommend his delightful, inspiring work.

    - Mary Killeen Lyons, PhD

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Living the Lectionary, Year B

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