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Author(s): Thomas Massaro

ISBN13: 9781580510462

ISBN10: 1580510469

Publisher: NBN Books International

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  • This new Classroom Edition of the top-selling Living Justice retains the broad coverage of Catholic social teaching in the first edition with expanded use of tables and figures to enhance the pedagogic value of Fr. Massaros clear, insightful book. Additionally, new coverage is included to focus on the environment and globalization from a Catholic perspective. By drawing on scripture, tradition, world events, and living examples of heroism and holiness, ranging from the simple to the extraordinary, Living Justice develops students understanding of Catholic social teaching and provides inspiration for a committed life of service.

  • Thomas Massaro

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    Massaro provides a necessary companion text to any course that deals with issues of social justice, the role of the Church in the modern world, or the relationship between religion and public policy. It is simultaneously academically rigorous and easily accessible to students. Broad, honest, and practical, it serves a variety of courses and invites much needed dialogue between religion that has become increasingly privatized in the public square.

    - Brian Scott, Catholic Memorial School

    "Massaros revised edition of Living Justice, featuring updated information, expanded topics, and fuller explanations of key themes in Catholic Social Thought, greatly enhances its usefulness as an admirable and excellent college-level textbook. The added list of topics for future study poses a challenge to all seeking to plunge more deeply into this vital realm of Catholic social thought."

    - Normand J. Paulhus, Wheeling Jesuit University



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