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Living God and Our Living Psyche

Author(s): Ulanov Dueck

ISBN13: 9780802824677

ISBN10: 0802824676

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • Are Jungs views compatible with Christian faith? Will evangelical Christians be led astray if they rely on Jung as a psychological guide? What would it look like to place Jungs psychological ideas into an authentically Christian framework?

    Ulanov tackles some of the most vexing theological and spiritual issues raised by Jungs approach to psychological healing. Challenging Jung when he diverges from core Christian beliefs, Ulanov nevertheless builds on key Jungian concepts to show how depth psychology can enrich and enliven our life of faith.

    In the introduction, Dueck (with Brian Becker) interprets Jungs corpus as a pastoral attempt to counter the corrosive effects of modernity. In his conclusion, he contextualizes Ulanovs lectures for the evangelical community. The book is a finely-nuanced discussion, glittering with gems of insight. Anyone who has struggled to understand Jung, any psychotherapist longing to include spiritual issues in the work of healing, indeed, any person of prayer seeking to relate authentically to God over the long haul, will relish this book.
  • Ulanov Dueck

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Living God and Our Living Psyche

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