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Living Baptism: Called Out of the Ordinary

Author(s): Clare Watkins

ISBN13: 9780232526622

ISBN10: 0232526621


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  • The acclaimed guide for lay Christians who wish to live their faith fully and joyfully, and in ways which can truly evangelise. What difference does it make in our everyday lives if we are baptised Christians? Clare Watkins rediscovers the Christian tradition of living baptism in this vibrant, challenging and accessible look at the faith of everyday Christians.

    There are particular difficulties in living Christian discipleship in our own time and place, yet these difficulties have barely been attended to by the Churches or by theologians in ways which really touch the places where living is going onThere is, none the less, in Scripture, the theological tradition, and the lived wisdom of Christian people, a rich, enlivening something to be said , a something which can contribute to the transformation of Christian living that is, surely, presently neededThis book wants to speak that something.

  • Clare Watkins

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Living Baptism: Called Out of the Ordinary

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