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Little Lucy's Family

A Story about Adoption

Author(s): Eleanor Gormally

ISBN13: 9781853909979

ISBN10: 1853909971

Publisher: Veritas

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  • Little Lucys Family is the story of a little girl and how her family came about. It tells how Lucys Mum and Dad travelled all the way to Russia to adopt her, and carry her home, so that she could add to their happy family. In the end, Lucy learns that there are many different kinds of families and her family is very special.

  • Eleanor Gormally

    Eleanor Gormally lives in County Limerick with her husband and daughter. She is also the author of The Little Flower Bulb, The Little One Asks and Bernadette and the Lady of Lourdes, all published by Veritas.

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    Subtitled 'A Story about Adoption' and presented as a first person account by Lucy, the young protagonist, this relates how, as a Russian adopted child, she is learning to accommodate herself to a new mother, father and - 'Oh, I nearly forgot Nibbles , our crazy rabbit'. While the narrative is warm-hearted and in places very touching, the real strength of the book is in its delightful and idiosyncratic illustrations, particularly where these ingeniously borrow from the motifs and details of Russian culture and design. It is good to see that a picture book of such topical interest and quality has been published and printed in Ireland.

    - The Irish Times, 23rd September 2006

    Among the great changes in recent years has been the trend of Irish parents to adopt foreign children. For the most part these adoptions work out very happily for all concerned. Eleanor Gormallys charming book, based on her own experience of adopting her own daughter, is ideal to out into the hands of an adopted child, emphasising as it does the special love and happiness that adoption brings. Lucys is a little Russian child, who is adopted by an Irish Mum and Dad , not to forget Nibbles, a slightly demented rabbit. With a delicate touch it deals with those passing moments of crisis and concern, such as the feelings of the child about their birth parents, and relations with other children, some adopted from other countries. May families will find this book not only amusing but also most useful in their own adoptive situation.
    - Books Ireland, May 2006

    Lucy, her mum, dad and rabbit together make a family. However Lucy is adopted...
    This books success lies within the fact that it is first and foremost a book about families and about love and a book about adoption second. It does not moralise, preach or condescend through repeatedly stating how special it is to be adopted, indeed Lucy has friends who, like herself, are adopted.
    In addition to depicting Lucys own need to grow and develop within loving, caring family relationships, the book also outlines the need that Lucy is able to fulfil for her mum and dad who badly want a family. The awareness Lucy has of her past is great and the text is unambiguous about the fact that she was too young to remember her time in a Childrens Home in Russia though, nonetheless, having been adopted is clearly an integral part of the person Lucy now sees herself to be.
    There is a wonderful double-page spread in the book where Lucy and her father look up at the stars in the night-sky and make wishes together. An intriguing depiction of the bedroom whose walls open out into the night stars forms the backagainst which Lucy and her father are embraced. It brings to mind beautifully the type of kinship that we as humans are able to attain when our hearts and minds are open to the needs of others and ourselves. A reassuring and life-affirming read for anyone, not just those who have been adopted.

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Little Lucy's Family

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