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Like Winter Waiting

The Advent Story

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    Like Winter Waiting is a thought-provoking musical play that tells the Advent story with humor, poignancy and joy. It celebrates the anticipation of Christmas the way an expectant mother joyously awaits the birth of her child , the waiting is a sacred time of reflection, preparation and hope.
    Present the play as a choral concert with some spoken parts or as a complete musical play with characters, costumes, a minimal set and even dance. The choral arrangements are accessible to most parishes and can be conveniently rehearsed using the cassette or CD with voice lead-ins. The audience participates by singing the recurring theme song printed in the assembly edition. (For multigenerational groups: adults and children)


    1. Annunciacions
    2. Another Annunciation
    3. Farewell From Gabriel
    4. Heart of The World
    5. Innkeeper
    6. Like Winter Waiting
    7. Mary and Joseph
    8. O Mary Tell Us
    9. Soon The Beginning
    10. Stars
    11. Summer of Flowers
    12. The Promise of the Lord
    13. Unless You Lead Me On
    14. We Have Searched
    15. We Remember
    16. Welcome From Gabriel
    17. Who Is This Woman?
    18. Zechariah and Simon

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Like Winter Waiting

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