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Light to the Darkness

Author(s): Katerina Katsarka

ISBN13: 9780819223173

ISBN10: 0819223174


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  • Light to the Darkness is a fresh interpretation of the well-loved Advent tradition of Lessons and Carols. Replacing the usual scriptural readings from the Old and New Testaments are first-person dramatic monologues based on these and other passages of scripture. Special emphasis is given to the role of the prophets, pointing the way to the Messiah and offering guidance to the Hebrew people, while providing very contemporary guidance for the 21st-century. With a reading for each day of Advent, churches can choose pieces for their services of Lessons and Carols, while individuals can use the book for private devotions. Suggested music for these services is also included, encompassing a broad range of selections to accommodate parishes needs and abilities.

    Table of Contents

    Acknowledgments ix
    Introduction and Stage Directions xi
    Part I. Nine Lessons and Carols 1
    Lesson 1: Eve 3
    A Meditation on Eve: Who Was She? 6
    Lesson 2: Abraham 13
    A Meditation on Abraham: The Terrible Sacrifice 16
    Lesson 3: Miriam 21
    A Meditation on Miriam: Her Role in Triumph, in Exile 24
    Lesson 4: David 29
    A Meditation on David and the Royal Covenant 32
    Lesson 5: Isaiah and His Wife 37
    A Meditation on Isaiah of Jerusalem 41
    Lesson 6: Malachi 45
    A Meditation on Malachi 48
    Lesson 7: Zechariah and Elizabeth 51
    A Meditation on Elizabeth and Zechariah 56
    Lesson 8: Mary of Nazareth 61
    A Meditation on Marys Grace 65
    Lesson 9: Shepherds Abiding 69
    A Meditation on the Good Shepherd 72
    Part II. Voices Crying in the Wilderness 77
    Introduction 79
    Words of Promise 83
    Sarah: The Ancestor of the Promise 84
    Hagar: A Parallel Promise 91
    Words that Urge Repentance: The Day of the Lord.... 101
    Amos: A Voice of Courage 103
    John the Baptizer: Another Voice Crying in the Wilderness 111
    Words of Fulfillment 117
    Second Isaiah: A Voice of Consolation 117
    Mary the Mother: A Voice of Justice 126
    The Logos: an Epilogue 133
    Notes 137
    Bibliography 139

  • Katerina Katsarka

    Katerina Katsarka Whitley, a native of Thessaloniki, Greece, lives in North Carolina. An adjunct instructor at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, she is the author of Speaking for Ourselves: Voices of Biblical Women, Seeing for Ourselves: Biblical Women Who Met Jesus, and Walking the Way of Sorrows, all available from Morehouse.

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Light to the Darkness

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