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Life's Miracle

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  • James Kilbanes 4th album is Lifes Miracle and is a brilliant Country album combining brand new songs fresh from Nashville, Tennessee that are blended with seven Gospel classics of popular demand.

    If you like to hear a powerful, smooth and sweet Irish voice sing meaningful Country lyrics with enjoyable accompaniment, this man and his music will bring peace and comfort to your ruffled soul. The Lifes Miracle album is easy listening Country Gospel and holds words you can hear and understand. This album is a wonderful collaboration of the cream of Irish musicians joined with Kilbanes smooth way of singing and is produced by the world renowned talent, James Blennerhassett. James Kilbanes Lifes Miracle is one album for ever lover good music!


    1. Waiting On a Miracle 4:15
    2. Look What Hes Given to Me 2:58


    3. Take Hold of My Hand 3:42
    4. He Untangled My Mind 3:50
    5. Were You There 3:44



    6. One Day At a Time 3:26
    7. Ticket Home 4:13


    8. Going Home 2:47
    9. Richest Man On Earth 3:14
    10. You Cant Buy Heaven 3:34
    11. Wanderers Prayer 3:39
    12. Precious Memories 4:15
    13. I Saw the Light 3:39



    14. Shout to the Lord

  • James Kilbane

    James Kilbane was born in London, England in 1970, and in his childhood he returned to the tranquil Achill Island, Mayo, Ireland. James married his teenage love, Christina in 1989 and their family home is on Achill with their teenage children Diana and Daniel.


    James in his first 37 years has had an exceptional life to date. From a child, he struggled with learning difficulties, which he overcame and went on to study and earn two qualifications, one in Business and the second a Degree in Heritage studies. However James' singing was his earliest career, started at the age of seven when he gave his first solo performance in his local choir. James then started competing in singing competitions form the age of ten, winning many County titles.


    Having been a member of several choirs and bands throughout his teenage years, James eventually became lead singer with his own band "Dollar Brand" until his success in the hit TV show You're A Star. You're A Star is the Irish version of American Idol, Pop Idol or X Factor. In this Irish television series, there were thousands of entrants from Ireland, America and England. After five months of television performances, James with his unique and incredible voice went all the way to the final where week after week he won the hearts of his nation.

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Life's Miracle

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