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Life of Saint Paul

Author(s): Lawrence Boadt

ISBN13: 9780809105199

ISBN10: 0809105195


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  • Pope Benedict XVI has declared June 2008-June 2009 the year of St. Paul in celebration of the 2,000th anniversary of the saints birth. To mark this celebration Paulist Press has published a one-of-a-kind gift book that is both inspirational and beautiful.
    This engaging, highly readable biography of St. Paul is an introduction to his thought and the major events of his life. In short simple chapters, the book covers not only the facts of Pauls life known to us through Scripture, but also the fascinating legends told by the early church about this key figure in the development of Christianity.
    The book is illustrated throughout with four-colour paintings highlighting Pauls tumultuous life. These arresting pictures blend the na?»ve style of painting which is strictly similar to teaching style art of eleventh century, with the artists own deep, with the artists own deep love of quilting. The charming result evokes the tradition of the great icons, transforming the book from a simply wonderful introduction to Paul to a truly wonderful gift. Together, text and art combine to make this unique presentation of St. Pauls life a written and visual delight for everyone.

    Table of Contents

    Prologue: Why Should We Know St. Paul?
    1 Who Is This Paul the Apostle? 1
    2 Tarsus of Clicia, "No Mean City" (Acts 21:39) 3
    3 Stephen before the Sanhedrin 7
    4 The Stoning of Stephen 9
    5 Pauls Conversion 13
    6 Pauls Baptism 15
    7 Pauls First Years As a Christian 19
    8 Pauls First Missionary Journey 21
    9 Paul Stoned and Left for Dead 25
    10 The Council of Jerusalem 29
    11 The Second Missionary Journey: Philippi 31
    12 Paul Imprisoned at Philippi 35
    13 Paul Arrives at Thessalonica 37
    14 Pauls Brief Stay in Athens 41
    15 Pauls Ministry in Corinth 43
    16 Paul and His Disciples 47
    17 Pauls Letters 51
    18 Paul Writes to the Galatians 53
    19 Paul Writes to the Corinthians 57
    20 Paul and the Spirit 59
    21 Pauls Third Missionary Journey: Troas 63
    22 Paul Writes to Rome 65
    23 Farewell at Miletus 69
    24 Paul a Prisoner in Jerusalem 71
    25 Paul Sails for Rome 75
    26 Paul Shipwrecked in Malta 77
    27 Paul Arrives in Rome 81
    28 Paul Meets Peter in Rome (or Did He?) 83
    29 Peter and Paul Minister in Rome 87
    30 Paul Is Executed and Buried in Rome 91
    Epilogue: Later Traditions about Paul 95
    A Chronology of St. Pauls Life 97
    Maps of Pauls Journeys 99
    A Bibliography on St. Paul 101
    My Paintings of St. Paul 103

  • Lawrence Boadt

    Lawrence Boadt, C.S.P. (October 26, 1942 – July 24, 2010) was associate professor of Sacred Scripture at the Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C. He received his doctorate in Biblical Studies and Near Eastern Languages from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and wrote numerous articles and books on Old Testament subjects, especially on the Prophets.

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Life of Saint Paul

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