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Life Is Hard, but God is Good

An Inquiry into Suffering

Author(s): Adele Gonzalez

ISBN13: 9781570759260

ISBN10: 157075926X

Publisher: Orbis Books

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  • Provides honest answers to perennial questions: How can a good God allow evil in the world? What does it all mean? Where lies happiness?
    A masterful teacher addresses the perennial questions about God, suffering, and evil, and offers authentic, sincere, and informed answers. Based on sound theology and made real with personal experiences of the author and others through the ages, Life Is Hard, But God Is Good offers understanding and consolation.
    The author goes to the heart of the matter in exploring the dilemma of why bad things happen to good people, and where God is—or isn’t—in all of this. The strength of the book is its existential approach: it hits the topic where the rubber meets the road. It speaks directly to individuals who are asking these questions for specific reasons. It is perfect for personal reading and for group use.

  • Adele Gonzalez

    Adele Gonzalez is the founder and president of Get-With-It (Ponte en Onda), an organization committed to human and spiritual growth. She is author of The Spirituality of Community and coauthor of Companions in Christ: A Small Group Experience in Spiritual Formation. She lives in Hollywood, Florida.

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Life Is Hard, but God is Good

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