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Let the Prisoners Go Free!

The Case for a Christian Justice System

Author(s): John OConnell

ISBN13: 9780953713776

ISBN10: 0953713776


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  • Let the prisoners go free challenges all our assumptions about the criminal justice system, taking the basis of the system apart meticulously and defining its weaknesses with great clarity.

    It argues that the criminal justice system is based on a false premise coming forward from its Old Testament origins in the laws set out by Moses. The premise basically holds that man is essentially evil and without the law and its punishments hell would ensue on earth.

    This book argues that that premise was set aside by the coming of Jesus Christ and that the entire Old Testament law should now be set aside in favour of a Christian justice system which recognizes the essential goodness of mans true nature.

    Let the prisoners go free will enrage many readers due to the strength of the case it presents in favour of changing a system that defames all of us and which stands in the way of a Christian justice system that could potentially eradicate all crime.
  • John OConnell

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Let the Prisoners Go Free!

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