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Let me Sow Light

Living with a depressed Spouse

ISBN13: 9780879463786

ISBN10: 0879463783


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  • Treatment for depression has come a long way, but often left out of the equation are the devastating effects depression can have on a marriage. The feelings of alienation, guilt and anger can be overwhelming. Authors Amy Viets and Bernadette Stankard have both lived with a depressed spouse, and they offer this book as a source of support for the pain that spouses may feel as they watch their loved ones struggle with depression. In addition to drawing from their own experiences, they share examples from other people who have first-hand experience with depression in a spouse. This book addresses issues such as:
    Depressions effect on finances
    Depressions effect on faith
    The challenges of treatment
    The importance of self-care
    Life after depression
    Amy Viets knows firsthand what it means to live with depression. She and her husband struggled through his illness for twelve years as they searched for an effective combination of therapy and medication. Amy is the Director of Childrens Ministry for a large ELCA Lutheran congregation in Overland Park, Kansas. Her articles and essays have appeared in a number of religious and parenting publications. She is the author of Making Faith Fun from ACTA Publications.

  • Amy Viets

    AMY VIETS is the Director of Children’s Ministry for a large ELCA Lutheran congregation. She has written articles and essays for numerous parenting and religious publications. Amy lives with her husband and their three children in Overland Park, Kansas.

    Bernadette Stankard

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Let me Sow Light