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Legend of Saint Christopher

Author(s): Margaret Hodges

ISBN13: 9780802853608

ISBN10: 0802853609

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • The legend of Saint Christopher, first written in the thirteenth century, tells the story of a strong man named Offero, who wants to find the greatest ruler in all the world and to serve him as his bearer. Offeros search is in vain until a mysterious child at a riverside asks Offero to carry him over the river. Only after Offero has carried the child over the river does he discover the childs true identity. Then Offeros name is changed to Christopher. / Author Margaret Hodges retells with power and simplicity this unforgettable tale of the man who became known as the patron saint of travelers. And illustrator Richard Jesse Watson has created hypnopompic paintings that dramatically capture Offeros journey and the brilliance of his discovery of the One he sought. / Based on old nursery rhymes, the poetic text by Newbery Honor winner Kathi Appelt and the beautiful light-filled paintings of Debra Reid Jenkins combine to make this gentle bedtime story a perfect illustration of Gods abiding love.

  • Margaret Hodges

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    Hodges (Saint George and the Dragon) masterfully adapts William Caxtons 15th-century translation of The Golden Legend to serve up a saints tale with strong folkloric elements. Offero, a strong man who works as a bearer (porter), wants to serve the greatest king in the world. When he discovers that the king fears the devil, Offero concludes the devil is mightier, and serves him until he learns that the devil fears Christ. Offeros search to serve Christ teaches him that his own inner grace is even stronger than his physical prowess. Watsons (The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake) artwork achieves a startling blend of the ancient and the timeless, the archetypal and the particular he paints narrative elements in representational oils, reserving the backgrounds for abstract patterns that hint at the mythic roots of legend.

    - Publishers Weekly


Legend of Saint Christopher

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