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Lectio Divina Conference

10 CDs

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  • This set contains 2 sections - the first is a 6 CD set entitled: 'Lectio Divina Conference' and the second is a 4 CD set entitled 'An evening with the Word of God'. A breakdown of each follows.

    Recorded: Dominican Biblical Institute, Limerick, November 2006

    Section 1: Lection Divina Conference (6 CDs)

    The goal of the conference was to promote Lectio Divina, especially by clarifying its practice, its theory, and its relationship to historical criticism. The conference aimed to bring together Christians interested in scripture, especially scripture scholars, those responsible for seminary formation, clergy, some bishops, catechists, teachers and lay leaders of Bible or lectio divina groups.

    CD 1: Prof. Frances Young: Ways of reading the Bible: Can we relativise the historical critical method and re-discover a biblical spirituality?
    Respondent: Bishop Martin Drennan

    CD 2:  Ms. Pat Elie: Lectio Divina in Trinidad, according to the method of Fr. Michel De Verteuil

    CD 3: Fr. Seamus O’Connell: The Challenge in an Academic Setting

    CD 4: Fr. Christopher Hayden: The Challenge in Parish and Pastoral settings

    CD 5: Fr. Ludger Feldkamper: Promoting the pastoral Biblical apostolate worldwide

    CD 6: Bishop Luciano Monari: Towards a Synthesis: Accept useful scientific history; then treat the biblical text as lectio divina as art that speaks to people's lives

    Section 2: Fr. Carlos Mesters - An Evening with the Word of God (4 CDs)

    CDs 1 - 4: Fr. Carlos has worked with basic Christian communities in Brazil since 1968. His great gift is to enable people in all walks of life to read the Bible in a way that helps them to understand their lives, to build up their communities and to find strength to keep going. He is recognized internationally as an expert in Lectio Divina.

    This section comprises of 4 CDs covering Lectio Divina in theory and in practice - reading The Bible to make sense of our lives and world.

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Lectio Divina Conference

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