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Learn to Be an Optimist

Author(s): Lucy MacDonald

ISBN13: 9781907486852

ISBN10: 1907486852

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

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  • The statistics on the power of optimism are staggering. Studies comparing pessimistic people with optimistic clearly show that optimists possess the ability (among other things) to excel academically, professionally and in sports, to resist infectious illness and fend off chronic disease, and to overcome setbacks in their life quickly and without fear. With its foundations firmly embedded in the scientific principles of cognitive behaviour, Learn to Be An Optimist suggests realistic ways for you to transform your life by opening your mind to a more positive attitude. Inspiring practical advice and step-by-step exercises help you to recognise and deal with problems as temporary, specific and external, rather than expressions of any failure in you as a person. You will feel the benefits of this approach in the form of increased productivity in the workplace; improved personal and professional relationships; better physical and psychological health; and even prolonged life expectancy.

  • Lucy MacDonald

    Lucy MacDonald, M.Ed., runs her own practice as a counsellor, specialising in stress and anger management, emotional intelligence and the power of optimism. She is a member of the Canadian Counseling Association, president of Canada’s Private Practitioners’ Network, and a well-known speaker throughout Canada. She is the author of the inspiring, practical guides Learn to Be an Optimist and Learn to Manage Time.

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Learn to Be an Optimist

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