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Leadership and the New Science

Author(s): Margaret Wheatley

ISBN13: 9781576753446

ISBN10: 1576753441


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  • Wheatley applies scientific concepts to the management of organizations and information, offering new insight on issues troubling people most: order and change, autonomy and control; structure and flexibility, planning and innovation. Color photos.

    Based on new science theories, this innovative management book sheds light on the issues that affect organizations most - order and change, autonomy and control, structure and flexibility, planning and innovation. The hardcover was considered the number-one management book of 1992.

  • Margaret Wheatley

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    How do you hold 100 tons of water in the air with no visible means of support? Wheatley answers this question (you build a cloud, of course) and many others, ranging from cutting-edge science to the new paradigm of 21st-century organizations, that are just as enigmatic. Using exciting breakthroughs in biology, chemistry, and especially quantum physics, Wheatley paints a brand-new picture of business management. Paradoxes abound in this far-reaching work that may confound many pragmatists. This new relationship between business and science is nothing less than an entirely new set of lenses through which to view our organizations, offering not a Newtonian but a quantum perspective. Hold onto the top of your head when you read this book. For larger public and academic libraries.

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Leadership and the New Science