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ISBN13: 9781860821905

ISBN10: 1860821901

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • John Paul IIs encyclical letter on the dignity of mans work

    John Paul II states that through mans labour human dignity, brotherhood and freedom must increase on earth. By careful listening to the word of God, and by uniting work with prayer, Christians will know the true place that work has - not only in earthly progress but also in the development of the kingdom of God.
    This major teaching document on human work, seeks enlightenment on the true nature of work from the Scriptures. It analyses the conflict between labour and capital, and the basis and substance of the rights pertaining to workers. It examines the elements for a Spirituality of Work. It remains an important text within the Churchs body of Social Teaching and a seminal text on the subject of work.

  • Pope John Paul II - Karol Wojtyla

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