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Knowing and Understanding Jesus

5CD Box Set

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  • CD 1:          The struggle of Jesus to Discern his Vocation

    CD 2:          The struggle of Jesus to Discern his Vocation - Questions & Answers

    CD 3:          Who is the Jesus we Celebrate Today ?

    CD 4:          Why did St. Paul Emphasize the Crucifiction of Jesus ?

    CD 5:          Final Questions & Answers

    Fr. Jerome Murphy-O'Connor has been a Professor of New Testament at the École Biblique of Jerusalem since 1967. He has lectured all over the world and is the author of numerous books, particularly on St. Paul's life and theology. He is also the author of the popular Oxford Press archaeological guidebook, The Holy Land, now in its fourth edition. His tours of the Holy Land are legendary. Dubbed "Father of All Guides" he regularly conducts private historical tours for diplomats and foreign correspondents.

  • Jerome Murphy - O Connor

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Knowing and Understanding Jesus

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