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Keeper of Dreams


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  • Keeper of Dreams brings you the gift of tranquility and complete relaxation. The gentlest of pianos and spirals of delicate strings enfold the spirit in an ever expanding melody, nurturing a subtle shift in consciousness, a calm inner stillness that refreshes the mind and finds a home in your heart and dreams. Highly recommended for both its beauty and its calming power.


    1.Wisdom 19:0

    2. Fairy dance 18:15


    All music composed and performed by Philip Chapman.

    There is sweet music here that softer falls

    Than petals from blown roses on the grass.

    Or night-dew on the still waters between walls

    Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass:

    Music that gentler on the spirit lies

    Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes.


  • Philip Chapman

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Keeper of Dreams

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