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Kathy's Real Story: A Culture of False Allegations Exposed

Author(s): Kelly Hermann

ISBN13: 9781906351007

ISBN10: 1906351007


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  • This is a compelling read and a shocking story, which begins with shame and ends with the triumph of an Irish family over false allegations of abuse. The family of best-selling author Kathy OBeirne tells the real story behind her book, casting light on a destructive culture of false allegations hurting innocent people in Ireland.
    Kathy OBeirnes book, Kathys Story (Dont Ever Tell in Britain) alleged that she was abused by her father, experimented upon in a psychiatric hospital, raped by priests and then slammed up in a Magdalene Laundry where she had a baby at 14.

    Abused or abuser? Brave truth-teller or a money-grabbing fraudster?
    See the evidence, hear from those who knew her as she grew up.
    Read of people being bribed to bear false witness while others were threatened.

    One chapter examines some of the most notorious accusations against lay and religious people in Ireland and explores if they stand up to close scrutiny and police investigation; It looks at what effect a 1bn Government compensation scheme has had.

    The book rounds off with a quick-paced ride through global best-sellers which have turned out to be literary frauds.
    This gripping read is the ultimate antidote against `misery literature. It is a parable of hope, showing that the truth is stronger than fiction, and more surprising too.

    About the Author
    Journalist Hermann Kelly is a regular contributor to The Irish Mail on Sunday and The Irish Examiner (two national newspapers). He has done a wealth of research, interviewing Kathy OBeirne, her family, co-author, publisher and many others.

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Kathy's Real Story: A Culture of False Allegations Exposed

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