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Jude A Pilgrimage to the Saint of Last Resort

Author(s): Liz Trotta

ISBN13: 9780060756970

ISBN10: 0060756977


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  • The patron of desperate causes, Saint Jude is best known for his miraculous powers of healing and rescue, and has become a symbol of hope for children with cancer, people with AIDS, and sailors lost at sea. Yet the history of this apostle remains enigmatic and obscure. In this riveting investigation of faith and legend, award-winning journalist Liz Trotta follows in the footsteps of the New Testaments Jude through Italy, Turkey, the lands of old Armenia, and the United States. Part detective story, part pilgrimage, Jude unravels the mysteries of historys most elusive saint and investigates his lasting attraction for those who still believe in the healing powers of faith.

  • Liz Trotta

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    Veteran journalist Trotta examines the popular devotion to Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes. While Trottas account may contribute to Judes popularity, this is not simply another pious hagiography. Trottas book is part celebration of the devotion to Jude and part travelogue, as she sets out in quest of Judes legacy from Baltimore to New York and from Edessa to Rome. Along the way, Trotta reports the stories of countless ordinary people who are devotees of Jude, among them Catholics, Protestants, an occasional Jew, AIDS patients, the superstitious and the theologically adept. Because of Judes great and enduring popularity, Trotta concludes that St. Jude is the rising saint of the age. Because Trotta lets Judes admirers speak for themselves, the book is bound to gather many readers.

    - Publishers Weekly


Jude A Pilgrimage to the Saint of Last Resort

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