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Journeys of Courage

Author(s): Carol Joy

ISBN13: 9781853906381

ISBN10: 1853906387

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 318 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20.4 x 14 x 2.6 cm

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  • Many communities in todays world have been wounded or disconnected in some way from society. Most need and want to change their situations, but are not sure how to do so. Journeys of Courage is filled with powerful, real-life accounts of communities that experienced difficult or violent situations, and explorations of the ways they undertook their healing processes. These are stories of real people within real communities, ranging from the people affected by the devastating losses of September 11th to the survivors of trauma in Northern Ireland. They vividly demonstrate what has worked for different kinds of communities. These stories can encourage us to move ahead by telling us personal truths about what has worked before, what has failed, what we can try ourselves and what to avoid.

    The sequel to Finding Courage, this book has much to offer everyone, from social change activists to people who are struggling with problems in their families, their churches or their local communities.

  • Carol Joy

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    The hardest thing for the prodigal was to make the first step. Joy Carol in Journeys of Courage deals with the sense of loss felt by many people and communities, when they feel that society has discounted them. She draws upon the experiences of the violence and hatred of our times to suggest that a process of healing, reconciliation and reintegration is not without hope. She deals not only with Northern Ireland but with the aftermath of what happened in New York. Alas, not all journeys of courage now lead to such a destination. Since this book was written, war too has come to the world in an even more terrifying form. This makes this book by an author with experience working the United Nations Development Programme even more relevant.

    - Irish Catholic, April 2003.

    In this latest collection of interviews Joy Carol is focusing on the importance of community and of healing in our lives. The stories tell of grief and loss, of kindness and generosity in Ireland and the US, with the first section concentrating on experiences of September 11, 2001. We hear from firefighters who were at the front line, from the relief workers who helped both victims and those working at Ground Zero, and from the children who were caught up in the act of terrorism through proximity or through losing a family member. There are extraordinary heroes in the physical sense, but emphasis is also placed on those whose heroism lay in the provision of both spiritual and emotional support. Particular pride is expressed in the tremendous work carried out by the New York Department of Sanitation in not only clearing Ground Zero in record time, but at the same time maintaining a sanitation service to the entire city.

    - BookView Ireland, May 2003.

    Including firefighters stories from 9/11 and many others while among Ireland s contributions from north and south are Catherine Joyce on the Travellers Movement, Sister Consilio on the addiction centre at Cuan Mhuire and survivors of trauma in NI including Sandra Peake, Alan McBride and Maze prisoners discussed by John Friel. Afterword asks many questions about survival, healing and the religious and spiritual context. Valuable first-hand accounts.

    - Books Ireland, Summer 2003


Journeys of Courage