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Author(s): Joseph Girzone

ISBN13: 9780385485692

ISBN10: 0385485697


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  • Millions of Joshua fans have made each novel in this inspirational series a national best-seller - and will have their highest expectations met by this eagerly awaited parable for today. There are times when the human race falls so deeply into despair that it seems only a visit from God can bring it back from the brink of utter devastation. Many people, when they look at the dangerous problems in todays society, can see that we live in just such a time. With his characteristic warmth and sincerity, Joshua makes his eagerly awaited return to answer this fear as he confronts the needs and injustices that face the residents of a nameless city. But this is a Joshua youve never seen before, one who overcomes such endemic urban problems as poverty, racism, and AIDS - one who even confronts the terrifying realities of mental illness and satanism. In a community where these seem like insurmountable problems, Joshua sows the seeds of renewal with his words of love. He reaches out to every person with transforming openness and shows the possibilities for bringing about the regeneration of the city, even bringing about undreamed-of economic revitalization. But other problems remain for the inhabitants of this world of despair, which money cannot help. It is, most importantly, to these residents that Joshua addresses his message of acceptance. This inspirational series of novels about the return of Jesus in the present day now reaches important conclusions with its fourth installment. The message of Joshua has never so closely addressed such urgent matters, and, in the end, the reader is given hopeful answers that lead in the direction of peace andunderstanding.
  • Joseph Girzone

    Joseph Girzone, an international bestselling writer, is the author of the popular and inspirational Joshua books, which are an imaginative telling of the life of Jesus. It is estimated that more than forty million people in the U.S. have read those books. In 1995 Girzone established the Joshua Foundation, "an organization dedicated to making Jesus better known throughout the world." He retired from the active priesthood in 1981 and has devoted his life to writing about Jesus. He lives in Altamont, New York and blogs at

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