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John Henry Newman: His Inner Life

Author(s): Father Zeno

ISBN13: 9780898701128

ISBN10: 0898701120

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • This book is a culmination of Father Zenos life work. With the cooperation of the Oratorian Fathers, he was given full access to all of Newmans letters, diaries, and complete published and unpublished sermons. From all this he has drawn together the interior struggles Newman faced from childhood until his death. Zeno allows Newman to speak through his work and writings, an exceedingly rich source. This is a landmark work considered one of the best spiritual biographies of John Henry Newman ever written.

    This book was first published in Dutch and met with immediate and extensive acclaim. It covers Newmans young life as an Anglican, the doubts he faced in light of his historical studies, his conversion to Catholicism, the trials he faced as a result of his conversion, and his remarkable growth in holiness and the interior life.

  • Father Zeno

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  • It took me, all in all, fifteen months to examine the 430 files of letters in the Archivium and the formidable collection of papers, journals and memoranda in the cupboards of the Cardinals room... Studying the forty-five volumes of Newmans works which had up to then been published also required much time. While I read and copied out what threw light on his inner life, the outlines of Newmans soul gradually became clear to me: the following pages are the result of this labor of love.

    - From the Introduction

John Henry Newman: His Inner Life

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