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Author(s): Andrew Greeley

ISBN13: 9780765317766

ISBN10: 0765317761


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  • Jesus of Galilee taught through stories, stories which even today contain the power to startle us out of our prejudices and preconceptions. Now Father Andrew Greeley, one of Americas most beloved storytellers, examines the parables told by Jesus in search of a fuller understanding of the man and his message. This engaging and informal collection of homilies reveals a Jesus whose simple parables carry profound lessons about the Kingdom of Heaven. Along the way, Father Greeley touches on such provocative topics as the significance of Jesus Jewish roots, his deep and revolutionary relationship with women, "The Da Vinci Code", and "The Passion of the Christ". He also singles out the four greatest parables that best illustrate the infinite love and mercy of the God whose kingdom began with Jesus and continues even today. As a storyteller, Jesus often surprised his listeners with unexpected twists that challenged them to see the world in a whole new light. Father Greeleys insightful tour of the Gospels provides a fresh look at the parables that strips away centuries of false and mistaken interpretations to get at the essential truth of who Jesus really was, and what he believed.
  • Andrew Greeley

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