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Jesus & the Gospels

Author(s): Denis McBride

ISBN13: 9780852312582

ISBN10: 085231258X


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  • Within seventy years of the death of Jesus, four evangelists from different communities had committed their understanding of Jesus mission and death to writing. Using the apostolic preaching as the principal source, each evangelist shaped the tradition he received according to his own understanding of Jesus and his pastoral commitment to meet the spiritual needs of his own community. From what was handed down, each evangelist shaped the Jesus tradition in his own creative way to accomplish a common goal, to help people believe in Jesus as Lord. The Church gave birth to the Gospels, not vice versa. This vividly illustrated book reflects on the key moments of the Jesus story as the four evangelists present them. Each section has the outline notes of the lectures that the author offers in his course, "Jesus and the Gospels." This is an excellent workbook for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the person of Jesus and the writing of the Gospels.
  • Denis McBride

    Denis McBride, an English Redemptorist priest, has lectured in New Testament Studies for many years at the Hawkstone Hall International Pastoral and Study Centre for priests and religious.

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Jesus & the Gospels

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