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Jesus of Nazareth

Author(s): James Mackey

ISBN13: 9781856076012

ISBN10: 1856076016


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  • The history of Jesus of Nazareth in this book is wholly pursued and presented in the idiom of imagination. It is an account of the contents of the Bible, focused upon Jesus of Nazareth, his life, his faith and his future as son of God and prophet. This account is taken straight from the (hi)story and poetry of the Bible, and then summarised, discussed and explained in that same literary form. An odd reference is made to some theological formulae that have been made into doctrine and are therefore likely to resonate in the minds of the faithful, but only to prevent these from obscuring what is being revealed in the other currency.

    Most Christian churches in their better moods proclaim: ecclesia semper reformanda, the church is in constant need of reform. Yet most churches most of the time, being human both in construction and composition, prove reluctant to put this proclamation into practice. It is then the duty of those whom God has called to be theologians in the churches, to jog these churches into some recognition of the reform required for the time that is in it. The humble theologian has no authority whatever other than the intrinsic persuasiveness, or otherwise, of the case set out and argued. And the worth of any such case where Christianity is concerned, must be weighed primarily on the scales of the faith of the unintentional founder of Christianity. Only so can one see how much the present forms and practices of Christianity the religion diverge from the faith for which the historical Jesus, quite literally in the end, gave his life. Hence the need for historical studies of the life, the faith and the future of the prophet and son of God, Jesus of Nazareth.

  • James Mackey

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    James P. Mackey is theologian of formidable repute. His repertoire of publications includes Jesus: The Man and the Myth and Christianity and Creation: The Essence of the Christian Faith and its Future Among Religions. His latest publication on what we, as Christians, call the Christ event is perhaps one of the most thought-provoking pieces of scholarship to appear on the area of Christology in some time. The style and ease with which Mackey writes make his work accessible both for those involved in theological research and anyone with even a passing interest in the future of Christianity. What is so striking about this publication is its fluidity in expressing and constructing, in clear terms, a picture of the beliefs and convictions of Jesus of Nazareth as seen through the portraits offered in all four Gospels. The questions he asks are pertinent to all who profess a faith in Jesus while the critique that he offers is one which needs to be heard by all professing such a faith. Mackeys main purpose is, perhaps, to ask his reader to open anew and reacquaint themselves with the image of Cod and in turn Jesus as seen through the eyes of Scripture.

    Mackey challenges his reader to abandon a vision of Cod that is both destructive and blood-thirsty and accept a vision of the Creator Spirit who breathes life into the world; the climax of this breathing out being the life of Jesus. The chapters he devotes to the Passion of Jesus and the future of his faith are tremendous exponents for this image of Cod, an image which seeks to abandon once and for all the feudal theology of atonement which has dominated our view of Jesus for so long.

    That some readers may be taken by surprise by the Jesus that Mackey presents is entirely understandable because he espouses an understanding of Cod that, in so many ways, is a huge challenge to our faith today. He ultimately invites us to open our minds to a Eucharistic view of the world. While offering a heavy critique of Christianity, this is a work that embodies true hope. One which invites us to not only love Cod but be surprised by Cod and trust, in all sincerity, that the foolishness of God is always higher than the wisdom of humanity.

    - Paul Clogher, Institut Catholique, Paris - Intercom


Jesus of Nazareth

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