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A New Understanding of God's Son

Author(s): Joseph Girzone

ISBN13: 9781570759857

ISBN10: 1570759855

Publisher: Orbis Books (30 Oct 2012)

Extent: 384 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 23.4 x 15.2 x 2.3 cm

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  • Joseph Girzone combines gospel stories with experiences from his own life and from people around the world to create a portrait of Jesus present in every moment of our lives.


    Table of contents:



    Herod, the Mad King

    The Messiah Has Arrived

    Visitors from Far-Off Lands and the Flight into Egypt

    Returning Home from Exile

    The Boy Jesus at Twelve Years Old

    What Did the Townsfolk See in Jesus?

    Two Cousins Meet

    Jesus’ Forty-Day Retreat to Prepare for His Mission

    Jesus’ First Disciples, Passover, and the Journey Back to Galilee

    Jesus’ Call to His Disciples; the Wedding Feast at Cana

    The New Disciples

    Jesus Expands His Ministry in Galilee

    Jesus Expands on His Teaching

    Jesus Is Met by Another Large Crowd

    Jesus in Jerusalem, and the Cure at the Pool of Bethzatha

    Jesus Sees into the Human Soul

    The Parables Look Far into the Future

    The Signs, Miracles; Approval from Yahweh

    Jesus’ Journey to Judea

    Jesus’ Quick Return to Galilee

    The Death of John the Baptizer

    Jesus’ Mission Beyond the Jordan

    “If You Eat This Food You Will Live Forever”

    Jesus Wanders into Pagan Country

    Back Again in Pagan Country

    Jesus Tours Other Galilean Towns; a Secret Trip to Jerusalem

    Dramatic Happenings in Jerusalem

     “I Am the Light of the World”

    A Whole New Chapter in Jesus’ Mission

    Jesus Tours the Judean Villages

    Jesus Is Again Confronted by the Pharisees

    I Have Come to Set Fire upon the Earth

    Jesus Returns to the Region of Perea

    Jesus Talks to His Disciples

    On the Way to Jerusalem

    Jesus Enters Jericho

    The Death and Raising of Lazarus

    Jesus’ Last Ministry in Jerusalem

    The Beginning of the End

    Jesus’ Struggle to Accept His Father’s Will

    The Trial

    The Way of the Cross

    The Resurrection of Jesus

    I Will Not Leave You Orphans. I Will Send the Holy Spirit

    Who Is This Man Jesus Whom You Preach?


  • Joseph Girzone

    Joseph Girzone, an international bestselling writer, is the author of the popular and inspirational Joshua books, which are an imaginative telling of the life of Jesus. It is estimated that more than forty million people in the U.S. have read those books. In 1995 Girzone established the Joshua Foundation, "an organization dedicated to making Jesus better known throughout the world." He retired from the active priesthood in 1981 and has devoted his life to writing about Jesus. He lives in Altamont, New York and blogs at

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    Joseph Girzone focuses on the heart of the matter, the truth of the Gospel, and the revelations of the heart. People relate to his words, respond to his wisdom, read his books, and beg for more.

     - Catholic Times


    Girzone is a graceful writer whose words seem to flow effortlessly from his pen. That is likely due to his having spent many years speaking about, contemplating and writing about a Jesus to whom people easily gravitate, a partner who is with us throughout all lifes events.

     - America

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