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Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

Author(s): Leen Ritmeyer

ISBN13: 9781426706943

ISBN10: 1426706944

Publisher: Abingdon Press

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  • See Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. These artistic restorations and photographs will transport you back 2,000 years. Marvelat the remainsand walk throughthe streets of the city in the time of Jesus with detailed drawings.

    The result of years of study and research, this bookcombines text, photographs, and reconstructions to present the archaeology of Jerusalem, whose remains survive eventoday.

    Full-color, richly illustrated, with maps and archaeological drawings. Seethe Pool of Siloam whereJesus healedthe blind; the Bethesda Pools where Jesus healed the man paralyzed for thirty-eight years; and the Palatial Mansion where Jesus was interrogated by the Sanhedrin while Peter waited in the courtyard. Possible routes for the "Via Dolorosa" andtwo sites identified as Golgotha are also shown.

  • Leen Ritmeyer

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Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

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