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Is Religion Irrational?

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ISBN13: 9780745955407

ISBN10: 0745955401


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  • Is Religion Irrational? "In the early twenty-first century atheism seems to have taken on a new lease of life. Buses in London carry the slogan Theres probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. In the United States and Britain there seems to be a concerted campaign to persuade people that atheism is the only reasonable form of belief."

    But is it? In Is Religion Irrational?, best-selling author Keith Ward confronts the new atheists charges head-on, arguing that belief in God is actually more reasonable than atheism. Starting with the question of why belief in God matters in the first place, Ward guides us through some of the biggest conundrums of todays "big questions":

    - What is God?
    - Does God cause evil?
    - Is the universe intelligently designed?
    - Are faith and reason incompatible?
    - How does God act in the world?
    - Is there a future for religion?

    Whatever your opinion about God, this is a book that will challenge and inform.

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    If the New Atheists are to be believed, religious belief is not only dangerous and irrational, but just plain stupid. With increasingly intolerant polemic they are dismissing the views of religious people, and misconstruing them in the process. In this book, Keith Ward debunks the notion that rationality and intelligence are incompatible with belief in God, going through some of the main criticisms raised by the New Atheists (and their predecessors), for example: - Does God cause evil? - Is the universe intelligently designed? - Is God free? This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the current cultural war between atheism and belief.


Is Religion Irrational?

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