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An Nollaig le hAintín Máirín

Irish Version - Christmas With Auntie Mary

Author(s): Eleanor Gormally

ISBN13: 9781847300829

ISBN10: 1847300820

Publisher: Veritas Publications (8 Nov. 2007)

Extent: 32 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 24.2 x 21.8 x 0.8 cm

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  • Seo scéal,’ a thosaigh sí i nguth ciúin, os íseal, ‘faoi bhean darbh ainm Muire, fear darbh aimn Iósaef agus leanbh beag a bhí art í teacht ar an saol... agus thosaigh an scéal ar fad ar an oíche speisialta sin... fadó, fadó.


    Tá cónaí ar Eleanor Gormally i Luimneach. Seo an dara leabhar aici do pháistí. Foilsíodh a céad leabhar, Little Lucy’s Family: A Story about Adoption, ag Veritas i 2006.


    Maisitheoir leabhar is ea Orla Roche atá Ionaithe i mBaile Átha Cliath.


    Tá aistriúcháin go Gaeilge, Francis agus Béarla foilsithe ag Pádraig Ó Gormaille.

  • Eleanor Gormally

    Eleanor Gormally lives in County Limerick with her husband and daughter. She is also the author of The Little Flower Bulb, The Little One Asks and Bernadette and the Lady of Lourdes, all published by Veritas.

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  • Auntie Mary lived in a little cottage at the bottom of a hilly field. She had a round face, snow-white hair, soft peachy cheeks and huge hugging arms.

    Every year, without fail, on Christmas Eve little Liam and Emer went on a visit to their Auntie Mary. They always came early and left before dusk.

    This year the snow began to fall as Emer and Liam crossed the fields behind their house and headed for Auntie Marys cottage. Tucked inside the red rucksack on Emers back were presents, all done up in bright, glittery paper.

    There you are are, Mary beamed, as she lifted the latch to let them in. I thought youd never get here! Emer and Liam bounced excitedly in the door, making the not-so-round holly wreath go wibble-wobble.

    We brought you presents! they cried. Auntie Mary laughed as she took the bundle of sparkling paper and carefully unwrapped her parcel. Pink smelly soap and a jar of white, gooey face cream! All the while, the snow continued to fall silently.

    Liam and Emer loved these Christmas visits. They loved the not-so-round holly and ivy wreath that swung from the front door.

    They loved the tall, tilting Christmas tree that stood in the hall. They loved the smell of the turf fire in the snug kitchen. But most of all they loved Auntie Marys stories!

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An Nollaig le hAintín Máirín

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