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Author(s): Padraic OFarrell

ISBN13: 9780717133383

ISBN10: 0717133389


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  • This is a popular guide to most common Irish surnames. It explains the origins of the Murphys and the Kellys and the McCarthys, recalls famous people who bore the name, tells of those parts of the country where each name is most common and explains the derivation or remote origins of Irish family names. This is a handy one-stop shop for visitors to Ireland and also for Irish people who wish to learn more about the surnames that we bear. This book appears as part of a well-established and popular series which includes Irish Saints , Irish Superstitions , Irish Proverbs and Irish Fairy Tales. Other books by Padraic OFarrell Ancient Irish Legends Irish Fairy Tales Irish Saints.

  • Padraic OFarrell

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