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Irish College Rome and the World

ISBN13: 9781846820540

ISBN10: 1846820545


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  • An Irish College was established in Rome in 1628 to prepare priests for the Irish mission. As part of an elaborate network of such colleges across the continent, the Irish College was always more than a seminary; it served as an embassy and focus of Irish Catholic interests in Rome and remained such until the 20th century when Ireland established formal diplomatic relations with the Holy See. This collection illustrates that dual role; based upon the archival holdings of the College it presents an insight into the history of the Irish College and its complex world. The contributors are Patrick Corish, Thomas OConnor, Charles Burns, Hugh Fenning OP, Clare Carroll, Fearghus O Fearghail, Colin Barr, Eileen Kane, Michael Olden, Amy McKinney, Ciaran OCarroll, Ambrose Macauley, Rory Sweetman, Peter Anthony Boyle, Dermot Keogh, Michael Smith and Vera Orschel.

  • Albert McDonnell

    Daire Keogh

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    We are becoming accustomed to associating the Pontificio Collegio Irlandese with impressive publications [T]hese Roman books are not only handsomely produced but are as well works of sound scholarship, graced by respected names like Mgr John Hanly, Nollaig O Mura?¡le, M?¡che?íl Mac Craith, Thomas OConnor and the late Cardinal O Fiaich. The present volume stands in worthy comparison, assembling as it does contributions ranging from that doyen of Irish ecclesiastical historians, Patrick J. Corish, through established scholars like Charles Burns, Hugh Fenning, Michael Olden, Ambrose Macaulay, to many younger names whose essays presage well for the future of Irish Church history The book must surely be welcomed, above all by past students, as bringing the enrichment and precision of historical scholarship to our often vague notions of the Colleges past [A] great institution lives again, and lives on, in this volume. Floreat crescatque!,

    - Breand?ín O Doibhlin, The Furrow (September 2008).

    Historians and other scholars, among them a past president of the College itself, discuss the relationship of the Pontifical Irish College, Rome with its world since it was founded in 1628. They draw on the College archives to demonstrate its value as a way of encouraging other scholars to take advantage of it,

    - Book News (August 2008)

    For much of its life-time, Romes Pontifical Irish College has served as a vital conduit between an often-under-pressure Irish Catholicism and the Holy See. Steeped in the milieu of continental Catholicism, the College has also has a profound influence on the Irish Church, not least because so many notable Irish bishops and senior clerics have been trained there This latest book brings together essays by a number of prominent scholars who unpack the history of the Irish College and the role the college has played in contemporary ecclesiastical and social history. Prof D?íire Keoghs unrivalled knowledge of relations between the Holy See and Ireland and Vice Rector Fr Albert McDonnells passion for the college and its history make for an excellent collection of essays The book will serve as an invaluable tool for any student or observer seeking to place Romes Irish College, and indeed the network of Irish College throughout Europe,

    - Michael Kelly, The Irish Catholic.

    The Irish College, Rome and its World takes a masterly sweep through the almost 400 years which have passed since its foundation, D?íire Keogh and Albert McDonnell, acting in the role of joint conductors, have drawn together a symphony of strands which has produced a most pleasing whole. As the reader moves effortlessly through its pages, stories of conflict and subordination mingle with descriptions of books, art and artists. The mystery which surrounds the heart of the Liberator, Daniel OConnell, whose dying wish was that Ireland, Rome and Heaven should all share his extraordinary presence, sits comfortably with the political work of Rectors such as Thomas Kirby, Micheal ORiordan, and John Hagan. A study in political Catholicism is followed by an account of the Second Vatican Council and this rounds off an intriguing story. Add to this the gentle storytelling of contributors such as Patrick Corish, Micheal Olden and Ambrose Macauley and the turn of phrase of such men as Tom OConnor and the Scot, Charles Burns, and you sample an appetizer which longs for another opportunity to visit the fascinating story of this important part of the modern Irish Church.

    A generous collection of photographs, lithographs and sketches provides a glance into the daily life of the College in ages past. Photographs of prestigious visitors to the College, such as Pope John Paul II, and Presidents, such as Eamon de Valera, sit comfortably beside those of smiling prelates and seminarians sailing off Anzio, supping at the Villa Greci in Tivoli, and posing on the back of a mule in clerical garb in the noonday sun. Thankfully, the photograph of the portly Vice-Rector, Micheal Curran, taken in 1962, provides a pleasant contrast to the stark lithograph of an austere-looking founder, Luke Wadding, made exactly 300 years before. In particular, the drawings provided by Patricia Hakim add an elegant, artistic touch to a volume which cries out for readers.

    The story of the college, told through the eyes of a series of contributors and edited with great skill by Albert McDonnell and D?íire Keogh, provided this book with breadth of interests which it would otherwise lack if prepared by a single author,

    - Bishop John Fleming, Irish Theological Quarterly (2009)


Irish College Rome and the World

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