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Chapter 5. I Believe in God

Faith in God as Mystery and Trinity;

Belief in God, the Fahter Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth (CCC, nos. 199-349)


We begin the Christian Creed by professing belief in God, the ‘Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth’. This is the starting point for the whole symphony of Christian belief – in God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All the other articles of the Creed depend on the first article of the Creed and give concrete meaning to it. The mystery of God who is a Trinity of Persons is the central mystery of Christian faith and life.


Lesson of Faith: Nicholas Callan



Nicholas Callan

Read about how the National Science Museum, Maynooth celebrates one of Ireland’s greatest inventors, Nicholas Callan.


Faith and Science

Read the views of a number of scientists as they discuss the relationship between faith and science. 




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