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Chapter 33. The Ninth Commandment: Practise Purity of Heart

You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbours’s Wife (CCC, nos 2514–2533)


The Ninth Commandment teaches us to guard ourselves against impurity of heart. The heart is the seat of moral acts, and the grace of the sacraments strengthens and preserves us from impurities of heart, mind and body. In the midst of a society that glorifies immodesty, indecency and sexual permissiveness, the Ninth Commandment challenges Christians. Through the practice of purity of heart, we become a countercultural sign.


Lesson of Faith: Maria Goretti




St Maria Goretti

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Homily about St Maria Goretti

Read this homily given by Cardinal Angelo Sodano on the centenary of the death of St Maria Goretti



St Maria Goretti

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