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Chapter 24. Life in Christ – Part Two

The Principles of the Christian Moral Life (CCC, nos 1691–2082)


Respect for the dignity of each human person involves respect for the rights that flow from that dignity. Created in the image and likeness of God (Gn 1:26), all human beings are endowed with rational souls; all have the same human nature and same origin and destiny. Redeemed by Jesus Christ, all are invited to enjoy equal dignity as children of God.


Lesson of Faith: Frank Duff



Frank Duff

Read about the life of Frank Duff from website of the Legion of Mary.


Frank Duff: A Life Story

Read Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s speech from the launch of Finola Kennedy’s biography of Frank Duff.



Frank Duff

Watch this video which features the voice of Frank Duff, and images from his life.



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