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Introduction to the Prophets

Author(s): Paul Redditt

ISBN13: 9780802828965

ISBN10: 0802828965


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  • Writing in a conversational rather than a scholarly tone, Paul Redditt assumes little or no prior knowledge of the Old Testament as he presents and introduces the Major and Minor Prophets in the canonical order of the English Bible.

    The chapters of Redditts Introduction to the Prophets discuss the place of each book in the canon; the literary setting of each book; their structure, integrity, and authorship; the main genre(s) in each; special features of each book; basic emphases of each book; and problems , theological, literary, or historical , raised by a study of the book. Among other things, Redditt demonstrates that the prophets were both foretellers and forthtellers, and he argues that the Old Testament prophets developed the concept of monotheism. Each chapter ends with questions for further reflection. Concluding the volume are a helpful glossary and several indexes.

  • Paul Redditt

    Paul L. Redditt is professor emeritus of Old Testament at Georgetown College in Kentucky. Among his other books are commentaries on Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

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    The study of prophetic literature has moved at a rapid pace during the last quarter century, and Paul Redditt has been in the middle of those conversations. In this volume he offers a truly conversational introduction to the current state of prophetic literature studies. Redditt discusses and illustrates critical methods and the content of the prophetic writings as though speaking directly to students, demonstrating the sensitivity of a seasoned pedagogue. He uses straightforward language, defines unfamiliar terms, and chooses clear illustrations. He avoids the trap of providing simplistic solutions to difficult issues yet confronts those issues head-on. Redditt does not lose sight of the final form of the text, but he also highlights historical issues, especially as they shed light on social locations of various prophetic groups and their audiences.

    - James D. Nogalski, Baylor University


Introduction to the Prophets

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