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Introduction to canon law revised

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ISBN13: 9780860123743

ISBN10: 086012374X


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  • "In the past few years the Catholic Church...experienced the unparalleled scandal of clergy sexual abuse, much of it stemming from newly discovered offenses of previous decades. The context of the scandal has revealed inadequate applications of canon law. Serious canonical crimes were often treated as personnel problems, calling for repentance, therapy, and reassignment, rather than the investigation and imposition of penalties which the canons prescribe. Would a more careful observance of the traditional canonical system have saved many young people from serious harm and the church from an immense disgrace? The question provides one more incentive to begin to learn about canon law."

    From the Foreword to the Revised Edition

    This new edition of An Introduction to Canon Law has been updated to reflect changes and adaptations in canon law, as well as to uncover new resources in the field. It offers an introductory orientation to all of canon law, it outlines and overviews the various specialized areas of the law, and it sketches the structure and function of the offices within the church and how they relate to one another. The book gives historical perspectives, and focuses on the rights and duties of Catholics in the church. Finally, there are two appendices; one shows how to do canonical research, and the other provides fifteen case studies to facilitate student reflection and discovery.

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Introduction to canon law revised

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