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ISBN13: 9780551032484

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  • The story of Daniel in the lions den, retold by Jennifer Rees Larcombe and illustrated by Steve Bjorkman for the BEST BIBLE STORIES SERIES. King Darius liked Daniel so much that his servants were very jealous, and wanted to get Daniel into trouble. They told the King to make a rule that no one could pray to anyone except him for a month, or they would be thrown into a pit of hungry lions. They knew Daniel would take no notice of the rule, because he always prayed to God three times a day. Sure enough, Daniel carried on praying. When the servants went to tell the King, he was so upset. All day long he tried to think of a way of saving Daniel, but the law could not be changed. So the soldiers came and threw Daniel down into the pit of lions. All night long, the King tossed and turned, worrying about Daniel. Could his God save him? But he shook his head sadly when he thought about those fierce lions. As soon as it was light, he hurried to the lions pit. Daniel, has your God saved you? he called down. Yes, your Majesty, came Daniels voice from far below. His angel shut the mouths of the lions. King Darius had Daniel pulled out at once.
  • Jennifer Rees Larcombe

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