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Intercom - Introduction

Intercom July Edition Intercom is a pastoral and liturgical resource magazine published by Veritas Group, an agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Commission on Communications. (Ten issues per year, including double issues for July-August and December-January.) Correspondence for the editorial board should be sent to the Chairperson, c/o Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co Kildare.


Francis Cousins

Fr Paul Clayton-Lea


Editor: Father Paul Clayton-Lea 

Assistant to the Editor: David Macken



Catholic Communications Office

Columba Centre, Maynooth, 

Co Kildare, Ireland

Tel +353 (0) 1 505 3000
Fax +353 (0) 1 601 6401

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Ross Delmar (Membership Secretary)


Veritas House

7/8 Lower Abbey Street

Dublin 1, Ireland
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